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Q2 d. How to prevent Pre eclampsia during the period of pregnancy?
A. Iron supplementation
B. Calcium suplientation
C. Prophylactic Valproate
D. Regular Exercise
Q3 Vasodilation by prostaglandins involves
A. Arterioles
B. Precapillary sphincters
C. Postcapillary venules
D. All of the above
Q4 What is NOT true about a case control study?
A. Gives attributable risk
B. Is less expensive
C. Involves fewer subjects
D. Provides quick results
Q6 Which of the following is true regarding type III neuroendocrine tumour of the stomach?
A. A. Most frequent neuroendocrine tumour of the stomach
B. B. Serum gastrin is normal
C. C. High grade malignant tumour
D. D. Endoscopic resection is the treatment of choice
Q7 Lysozyme in tear inhibits which of the following component of bacteria
A. Endotoxin
B. Nucleic acid
C. Peptidoglycan
D. Pilus
Q9 Meiosis occurs in:
A. Epididymis
B. Seminiferous  tubules
C. Vas deferens
D. Seminal vesicles
Q10 The cell bodies of serotonin-releasing neurons are located in which area of the brain?
A. Raphe nuclei
B. Basal ganglia
C. Limbic system
D. Substantia nigra