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Q2 Secretory otitis media is diagnosed by:
A. Impedance audiometry
B. Pure tone audiometry
C. X-ray
D. Otoscopy
Q3 Which of the following statements regarding statistical analysis in research is false?
A. Range is the value with the highest frequency observed.
B. Unpaired t-test is used to compare two groups which are numerical and normally distributed.
C. A confidence interval which includes zero usually implies a lack of statistical significance
D. Chi-squared tests are useful in comparing two groups that are categorical
Q4 Beta cell membrane depolarization that stimulates insulin secretion by opening calcium channels is done by ?
A. Stimulation of ATP-sensitive K+ channel
B. Inhibition of ATP-sensitive K+ channel
C. Stimulation of ATP-sensitive Ca++ channel
D. Inhibition of ATP-sensitive Ca++ channel
Q5 A 15yr child presents with cola colored urine and headache with body swelling.Diagnosis is
A. Glomerulonephritis
B. Nephrotic Syndrome
D. Renal failure
Q9 True about azathioprine is:
A. It has more anti tumor effect than immunosuppressant effect
B. It is not a prodrug
C. It selectively affects differentiation of T cells
D. It is a pyrimidine antimetabolite
Q10 Most minerals in the soil are in the:
A. Sand
B. Clay
C. Gravels
D. Air pocket