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Q2 The following are related to plasma volume in pregnancy:
A. The peak increase is at about 34 weeks
B. The increase is more in primi than multipara
C. The increase is more in multiple pregnancy than in singleton one
D. The increase in more in preeclampsia
Q3 Acute flaccid paralysis is reported in a child aged:
A. 0-3 years
B. 0-5 years
C. 0-15 years
D. 0-25 years
Q4 Normal range of urine potassium is ?
A. 5 - 25 meq/day
B. 25 - 100 meq/day
C. 100 - 200 meq/day
D. 200 - 300 meq/day
Q5 Use of which of the following drugs is contraindicated in pregnancy?
A. Digoxin
B. Nifedipine
C. Amoxicillin
D. Enalapril
Q6 Which of the following gives rise to the muscular component of dorsal aorta?
A. Intermediate mesoderm
B. Paraxial mesoderm
C. Lateral plate mesoderm
D. Axial mesoderm
Q7 All of the statements about quarantine are true except:
A. It is synonymous with isolation
B. Absolute quarantine is restriction during the incubation period
C. Exclusion of children from schools is an example of modified quarantine
D. Quarantine should not be longer than the longest incubation period
Q8 Double blind study means:
A. Observer is blind about the study
B. Person or group being observed are blind about the study
C. Both observer and observed group in blind
D. Interpreters and analyzers are blind about the study
Q9 Biological activity of ACTH requires
A. 10-N-terminal amino acid
B. 24-N-terminal amino acid
C. 24-C-terminal amino acid
D. 15-C-terminal amino acid
Q10 Major criteria for Rheumatic fever in children is:
A. Arthralgia
B. Fever
C. Chorea
D. Increased ASO