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Q1 Which state has lowest IMR?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Kerala
C. Maharashtra
D. Tamil Nadu
Q2 Which is not true about otosclerosis?
A. Commonly unilateral
B. Conductive deafness
C. Good surgical prognosis
D. Both b and c
Q5 H5 N1 may be best described as a :
A. Bird flu virus
B. Vaccine for HIV
C. Agent for Japanese encephalitis
D. New strain of plasmodium falciparum
Q6 The most appropriate test to assess the prevalence of tuberculosis infection in a community is:
A. Mass Miniature Radiography
B. Sputum examination
C. Tuberculin Test
D. Clinical examination
Q7 During prolonged fasting, rate of gluconeogenesis is determined by:
A. Essential Fatty Acid in liver
B. Alanine in liver
C. Decreased c GMP
D. ADP in liver
Q8 Nerve root of pudendal nerve is:
A. S1,S2,S3
B. S2,S3,S4
C. S3,S4
D. S2,S3
Q9 APGAR Score indicate
A. Appearance, pulse rate, grimace, airway, respiration
B. Appearance, pulse rate, grimace, activity, respiration
C. Airway, pulse rate, grimace, activity, respiration
D. Airway, pulse rate, grimace, attention, respiration
Q10 Which of the following statements is TRUE about conjoint tendon
A. Formed by internal oblique and transversus abdominis
B. Forms the posterior wall of inguinal canal
C. It is pushed anteriorly by direct inguinal hernia
D. All of the above