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Q1 In anti retroviral therapy, Zidovudine should not be combined with:
A. Lamivudine
B. Nevirapine
C. Didanosine
D. Stavudine
Q2 Which of the following statements is not true for contact ulcer?
A. The commonest site is the junction of anterior 1/3rd and middle 1/3rd of vocal cord and gastroesophageal reflux is the causative factor
B. Can be caused by intubation injury
C. The vocal process is the site and is caused/aggravated by acid reflux
D. Can be caused by adductor dysphonia
Q3 CO2 is primarily transported in the arterial blood as: [UP 08, Comed 07, AI 05]
A. Dissolved CO2
B. Carbonic acid
C. Carbaminohemoglobin
D. Bicarbonate
Q4 Remnant of omphalomesenteric duct is /are:
A. Umbilical fistula
B. Umbilical sinus
C. Meckel’s diverticulum
D. All of the above
Q5 Endolymphatic duct connects which structure:
A. Scala media to subdural space
B. Scala vestibule to aqueduct of cochlea
C. Scala tympani to aqueduct of cochlea
D. Scala tympani to subdural space
Q6 Severity of mitral stenosis is assessed by
A. Closeness of opening snap to second heart sound
B. Loudness of second heart sound
C. Increased duration of diastolic murmur
D. Increased intensity of diastolic murmur
Q8 Which of the following is a combined 5-HT4 agonist and D2 antagonist?
A. Metoclopramide
B. Domperidone
C. Erythromycin
D. Octreotide
Q9 Tick the right one
A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Q10 A human female with Turner’s syndrome
A. has 45 chromosomes with XO
B. has one additional X-chromosome
C. exhibits male characters
D. is able to produce children with normal husband