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Q1 Marker of small cell cancer of lung is:
A. Chromogranin
B. Cytokeratin
C. Desmin
D. Vimentin
Q2 Serotonin syndrome may be precipitated by all of the following medications. Except.
A. Chlorpromazine
B. Pentazocine
C. Buspirone
D. Meperidine
Q4 Which is an epithelial marker?
A. Vimentin
B. Desmin
C. s100
Q5 Which of the following category comes under Turner’s syndrome?
A. A male having 2 X chromosomes
B. A female having 3 X chromosomes
C. A male having only 1 Y chromosome
D. A female having only 1 X chromosome
Q6 Specific stain for myeloblasts is:
A. Sudan black
C. Myeloperoxidase (MPO)
Q7 Irresistible sexual desire in male known as
A. Sadism
B. Tribadism
C. Satyriasis
D. Nymphomania
Q8 Lab. findings in cholesterol crystal embolization in atheroembolic renal disease include all except ?
A. Rising blood urea nitrogen & creatinine
B. Eosinopenia
C. Anemia
D. Hypocomplementemia
Q9 Which of the following anaesthetic agents can induce epilepsy?
A. Sevoflurane
B. Isoflurane
C. Desflurane
D. Methoxyflurane
Q10 To obtain a recording of left atrial activity, the electrode catheter is positioned ?
A. Across the pulmonary valve
B. Across the tricuspid valve
C. In the coronary sinus
D. In the superior vena cava