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Q2 Which one of the following is not a cause for hyperkalemia:
A. Digoxin
B. Potassium sparing diuretic
C. Renin angiotensin system blockers
D. Cyclosporine
Q3 Which of the following is a naturally occurring opioid?
A. Pentazocine
B. Heroin
C. Fentanyl
D. Morphine
Q4 A graph that plots the rate at which CO2 is converted to glucose versus the wavelength of light illuminating a leaf is called
A. An absorption spectrum
B. An action spectrum
C. A planck constant
D. Enzyme kinetics
Q6 Treatment of alcohol dependence is by all except?
A. Disulfiram
B. Naltrexone
C. Flumazenil
D. Acamprosate
Q7 A person unacclimatized develops pulmonary edema:
A. 19-21 days
B. 2nd-3rd month
C. 2-3 days
D. 6-7 days
Q9 Triple surgery in glaucoma includes all of the following EXCEPT?
A. Trabeculectomy
B. PCIOL implantation
C. Insertion of drainage device
D. Extra capsular cataract extraction