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Q Which of the following anticancer drug is excreted by lungs?
A. 5-Fluorouracil
B. Cyclophosphamide
C. Doxorubicin
D. Cisplatin

Correct Answer: A. 5-Fluorouracil
[Ref: Lippincott 2nd/382, Dollery’s Therapeutic Drugs, 2nd/F-104]

• 5-Fluorouracil is rapidly metabolized in liver to produce biologically inactive metabolites which are eventually converted to carbon dioxide and eliminated by lungs.
• Excretion of 80% of 5-FU can be accounted for by conversion to carbon dioxide within 12 hour of administration though its excretion in urine is only 15%.
• Also note other drugs excreted by lungs are procainamide, procaine and antipyrine.