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Q Endolymphatic duct connects which structure:
A. Scala media to subdural space
B. Scala vestibule to aqueduct of cochlea
C. Scala tympani to aqueduct of cochlea
D. Scala tympani to subdural space

Correct Answer :A. Scala media to subdural space
Ref. Dhingra 6/e, p9, 5/e, p 12
Endolymphatic duct – It is a part of membranous labyrinth (Scala media)
y It is formed by union of saccule and utricle
y It connects scala media to subdural space
y Its terminal part is dilated to form the endolymphatic sac
y Endolymphatic sac lies between the two layers of dura on the posterior surface of petrous bone
y Surgical importance – Endolymphatic sac is exposed for drainage or shunt operation in Meniere’s disease
y Ductus reuniens – connects cochlear duct to saccule
y Aqueduct of cochlea – connects scala tympani to subarachnoid space