Exams Nepal Study Room - Agriculture / Vetenary Exams

30100 + Questions

Q1 The compound which is not isomeric with diethylether is
A. n-propyl methyl ether
B. Butanol-1
C. 2-methyl propanol
D. Butanone
Q2 Aggregate fruit have
A. Apocarpous pistil
B. Carpel being free
C. Collection of fruitlets
D. All
Q4 The set of integer is
A. Finite group
B. Additive group
C. Multipliicative group
D. none of the above
Q5 Epithelium of cornea is
A. Keratinized squamous
B. Transitional
C. Squamous stratified non keratinized
D. Simple columnar
Q6 His desk is ……the office
A. at back of
B. at the back of
C. in back of
D. in the back of
Q7 Trochopore ( larva ) is found in
A. Annelida
B. Arthopoda
C. Molluscans
D. Both (a) and (c)
Q8 Ubiquitous means
A. Ambient
B. Omnipresent
C. Unity
D. scarce