How to Study For MBBS entrance

Posted By: Exams nepal on 12/07/2020 12:22:45 am

Most students experienced starting trouble with their studies . Sitting down to do concentrated works requires determination. If you have re - organised your life for study ,set aside a few hours for it and if you still cannot get down to study .find out where the problem lies .

Does it lie in the work itself ?
a) do You find the subject difficult ?
b) are you afraid of failure ?
c) Do you lack the necessary books and course materials ?

2. Do you think of others activities ?
3. Is something distracting you ?

If your problem centers around any of the above it can be easily dealt with . If you find the subjects difficult it could be due to lack of of fundamental knowledge of the subjects Looks for books which start with the fundamental of the subjects and start reading them .This should give you a better grasp of the subject. The time spent in going through the basis is worth it , very soon you will find that the present materials makes more sense and that you are able to concentrate better. The fear of failure will be automatically removed .

If you have other tasks in your mind deal with that which needs immediate attention. THe not-so important taska can wait for the next day. Make a reminder note and keep it aside . This will set your mind at ease .

Make sure that your study area is free from any distraction and noise with books and materials before you and your mind relaxed , you should now have no difficulty in starting your studies . If you still have things distracting you , try to start your studies in the morning hours . In the morning your mind is fresh and very receptive . There is little opportunity to become pre- occupied with something else or get distracted. If you cannot study in the morning ,the next best period in the evening. It is quite possible that you will be tired after the days activities to study . Give yourself an hour for relaxing in the evening . You can relax while traveling home , eating a meal or taking a walk .Forget about the days happening and start planning your evening study .Think of this time as an opportunity to realize your goals and fulfill your desires .