Sprint Test to make your Preparation more Effective

Posted By: Exams Nepal on 04/06/2020 07:35:52 pm

Preparing for Exam is tough, hectic and monotonous task. You have to keep your focus intact for a longer time. What do you think? is it the hard work that can get you through?
well, may be it can but one thing i can assure you is, no matter how hard you try, you are not going to succeed unless you are not consistent. So, how can you be consistent? It is easy. Find something that can keep you entertained and motivated and boost your preparation at the same time.
Exams Nepal is an online platform for all types of exam preparation in Nepal which can be a great help to you. Exams Nepal has introduced SPRINT TEST for the first time in Nepal. As i always say, Taking mock test is not only about what you get from that exam. Main thing is what comes along with it. Exams Nepal has dynamic Dashboard which helps you get the best out of yourself.

What is Sprint Test?

Okay, Sprint test is basically an Exam where you get a Question and 30 seconds of time to answer it, then solution is posted and loop continues till one hour. You know the maths, you can calculate how many questions you get to face.

How it Helps?

Do you know, in most of the practical scenario, in real exam you will be in Panic state for at-least first 15-20 minutes. That is the same situation you are in, when you are taking the sprint test and do not forget about the last 15-20 minutes of the Exam. Same state is repeated. If you know how to solve and tackle the questions in this state, you are very much fit for any situation in the real Exam.

You read whole day, you are stressed out and you need some refreshment. It can be a game for you where so many students compete at the same time. Most of the times you will not have read the question and so many students would have already answered it. That is the time, when you will start reading the questions correctly, you will know how to just read the main keywords in the question and ignore the un-necessary words in the sentence. You will start finding different techniques to tackle the questions sooner. The best part? it will be fun, you will get to see your live score after each question submission. Was it really the best part? NO. The real best part is, you get to do it two times a day at Exams Nepal . One in the Morning as soon as you wake up and one in the night right before you go to sleep.

Exams Nepal is the best platform for a reason. If you feel like keeping the Sprint question in your note to revise it later, you can just add it to your revision book.

Did you know, you can take revision test from your Revision book any time you want for Free

There are so many benefits you can get out of the Sprint test. It is up to you how you use it. Well the Sprint Test is Free.

Give it a Try, Sprint Test is live on Exams Nepal Website: and Viber Group and yes, at viber group it is not only SPRINT that happens, Join the Community to find it out.