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Q2 Quantitatively, the most significant buffer system in plasma is
A. Phosphate buffer system
B. Carbonic acid-bicarbonate buffer system
C. Lactic acid-lactate buffer system
D. Protein buffer system
Q3 In glomerulonephritis, cytokines & proteases damage which of the following ?
A. Mesangium
B. Capillaries
D. All of the above
Q4 Phase 4 clinical trial also called as?
A. Human pharmacology and safety
B. Post marketing surveillance
C. Therapeutic exploration and dose ranging
D. Therapeutic confirmation
Q5 Michaelis Gutmann bodies are seen in
A. Xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis
B. Malacoplakia
C. Nail patella syndrome
D. Tubercular cystitis
Q6 The model of transmission in polio is:
A. Droplet infection
B. Feco-oral route
C. Blood borne
D. Both A & B
Q8 Neck of sac of femoral hernia lies:Below and lateral to pubic tubercle
A. Below and lateral to pubic tubercle
B. Above and lateral
C. Above and medial
D. Below and medial
Q10 Best indicator for growth measurement is:
A. Height
B. Weight
C. Arm circumference
D. None