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Q1 Disulfuram alcohol reaction includes:
A. difficulty in breathing
B. high bp
C. convulsion
D. both a and c
Q2 ............. is an absolute state of inability to conceive
A. Sterility
B. Fertility
C. Infertility
D. Subfertility
Q3 Patent ductus arteriosus is an abnormal communication between?
A. Pulmonary vein and inferior venacava
B. Pulmonary vein and superior venacava
C. Pulmonary artery and aorta
D. Pulmonary artery and pulmonary vein
Q4 Removal of fluid from peritoneal cavity is called
A. Thoracocentesis
B. Paracentesis
C. Lumbar Puncture
D. Endoscopy
Q5 Neonates are babies from
A. Conception to 28 days of age
B. 8 weeks to 28 days of age
C. Birth to 28 days of age
D. 7 days from birth to 28 days of age
Q7 A patient with a history of kidney stones presents with complaints of pain, hematuria, and nausea with vomiting. What assessment technique will elicit kidney pain?
A. Inspection with indirect lighting
B. Iliopsoas muscle sign
C. Indirect percussion for CVA tenderness
D. Blumberg sign
Q8 Purest form of water is
A. Rain water
B. Sea water
C. Under ground water
D. Spring water
Q9 The founder of modern nursing is
A. Barton
B. Florence nightingale
C. Mary Mahoney
D. Henderson
Q10 When rate and depth of respiration both increase it is:
A. orthopnia
B. hyperapnoea
C. anoxia
D. dyspnia