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Q1 Features of delirium are all, except
A. Altered sensorium
B. Clouding of consciousness
C. Visual hallucinations
D. Fast EEG rhythm
Q2 Farber’s disease is due to the deficiency of the enzyme:
A. α-Galactosidase
B. Ceramidase
C. β-Glucocerebrosidase
D. Arylsulphatase A.
Q3 Which of the following is not the indication of near total Laryngectomy?
A. T3 stage
B. Anterior commissure involvement
C. Supraglotic involvement
D. Both arytenoids involved
Q4 Blood of which vessel in mammals carries least percentage of urea?
A. Dorsal aorta
B. Renal vein
C. Renal artery
D. Posterior vena-cava
Q5 Cells of squamous epithelium are
A. tall with elongated nuclei
B. cube like
C. flat and tile like
D. columnar or cuboidal in shape
Q8 Which out of the following ASD is most common ?
A. Sinus venosus ASD
B. Ostium primum ASD
C. Ostium secundum ASD
D. Patent foramen ovale
Q9 All are antiplatelet drugs except :
A. Clopidogrel
B. Abciximab
C. Ticlopidine
D. Aprotinin
Q10 Average age of iliac crest fusion in Indian females: AIIMS 14
A. 16 years
B. 18 years
C. 19 years
D. 21 years