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Q2 A person has received complete immunization against tetanus 10 years ago, now he presents with a clean wound without any lacerations from an injury sustained 3 hours ago. He should now be given
A. Full course of tetanus toxoid
B. Single dose of tetanus toxoid
C. Human tetanus globulin
D. Human tetanus globulin and single dose of toxoid
Q3 Late hyperglycemia in pregnancy is associated with
A. Macrosomia
C. Postmaturity
D. Congenital malformation
Q4 Ectopic pregnancy is most common in
A. Endometriosis
B. P/H/O twin pregnancy
C. P/H/O abortion
Q5 All is true regarding events related to oogenesis EXCEPT:
A. Primary oocyte is arrested at prophase – I at birth
B. LH surge occurs 24–48 hrs. prior to ovulation
C. First polar body is released before ovulation
D. Meiosis-II is a reduction division
Q7 In an adult, esophageal lumen can distend up to ?
A. 4 cm in diameter
B. 6 cm in diameter
C. 8 cm in diameter
D. 10 cm in diameter
Q8 Molybdenum is a constituent of
A. Hydroxylases
B. Oxidases
C. Transaminases
D. Transferases
Q9 The most sensitive method for detecting cervical chlamydia trachomatis infection is:
A. Direct fluorescent antibody test
B. Enzyme immunoassay
C. Polymerase chain reaction
D. Culture on irradiated McConkey cells
Q10 Meconium peritonitis occurs:
A. Just before birth
B. Just after birth
C. Before and after
D. Due to birth trauma