My Story for Success in PGI Exams

Posted By: Dr Dipendra Thapa on 06/25/2020 05:02:26 pm

PGI is an exam for which your basic concept about all mbbs subjects should be correct. Please see all past questions from manoj chaudhary of at least 3 years. All recent updates should be read. Because out of 250 questions with 5 options each, multiple no of questions may be right in a single question. So basically this is an exam of 1250 statements true or false. PgI exam was conducted in OMR sheet previously. But since last november they have moved to computer based test. So time will not be a problem. But like this time you will be asked about images, x ray, histopathology slides, ct scan. So please see this. I had done around 20 thousand questions from pre pg app and Exams Nepal Mock Test, Revision Book and Daily Sprint Tests too besides other normal books. Have faith in youself. Last november i got 26th rank and did not opt for subjects which weren not of my choice. But here i am finally cleared this time.