Online Examination Platform for Students and Teachers in Nepal

Posted By: Kritagya Kriti on 12/07/2020 08:32:59 pm

Exams Nepal is an Ed-tech startup in Nepal revolutionizing the way students study and prepare for various exams in their careers. I came across their platform from a friend and I have been in love ever since. They want to create a platform where every student gets the best possible equipment to study and prepare for their exams. They have introduced a series of features to equip the students like us with everything we need to prepare for an exam all at one place.

They have a series of inexpensive mock tests lined up for several exams that Nepalese students have to take like Loksewa, Nursing, BE Entrance test, CEE exams, and a continuing list of others. The tests are for everybody who want to get a job or clear an entrance test. The tests are crafted using the latest technological techniques and with the help of experts so that the concepts are understood in the easiest manner.

The mock tests are designed on a module basis that will take you step-by-step through your preparation. One subject is composed of several series which cover all the relevant topics one by one. Once you are done with your preparations, you can choose to take a standard mock test that will help you test your preparation.

You can analyze the test afterwards and assess the flaws and weaknesses in your preparation and fix them. The tests will be timed and will therefore give you the feel of actual tests and help you solve questions in a timely manner. This will help you get in the feel an examination.

While you take the tests, hundreds and thousands of other students will too. At the end of the tests, the website will show you the results and your ranking as well. This will help you figure out how your preparation is actually going amongst your competition.

In fact, it is also a platform for a coaching institute or even your teachers. They can conduct the exams at online, review your answers and publish the ranking.

The best part is once you take these tests and if you go wrong with certain questions or topics, you can add it to your revision tab and go through it later. With time when you have 100 revision questions, you can take a revision test free of cost for yourself. You can have as many revision tests as you want unless you perfect your weaknesses. This one comes very handy for tricky topics you do not understand.

Everyday a series of free Daily Sprint tests are conducted to evaluate your preparation and find the weakness, first time in Nepal. If you are struggling with a topic or even a question, you can take help from their subject matter experts and dedicated faculties. Just raise a doubt and they will solve it. Yes, it is that easy! You can also use their Digital Forum to clear your doubts where students like us will help you.

Their study room feature allows you to search MCQ questions from the topics that you study which is impossible to find anywhere else. Say I just finished studying a chapter from Biology and now I need to see what kind of questions come in the exam all I will have to do is - Go to the Study Room feature on their website, Enter the topic`s name in the search bar and the questions from the topic will appear.

They are a growing startup and keep on updating, adding, and modifying content and features to provide the best tools to the students. They have been very helpful to me and my friends. As a student, I had my fair share of problems preparing for exams and with portals like this, I feel that Nepal is changing and for good this time. I am happy and wish the team all the success in the world.