What does it mean to take the Online Mock Test...

Posted By: Exams Nepal on 06/14/2020 03:23:13 am

Digital world and technologies are excelling. There is no boundary to it. It has not only made the world small but very social as well. Well, digitally social to be precise. We might have been physically distant but virtualy we are all close. So what does it mean? How can it relate to students? How can it help students or anyone?
There can be so many explanation to it, but lets think about how you as a student should use it for your own benefit.
Firstly, it can help you to collect the resources easily. When you begin to prepare for any exam, first thing you should worry about is the study materials. I would like you to know, The world is not only digital but commercial as well. You can get tonns of materials available. How would you know what is reliable and what not.
If you ask me, i would suggest to ask with your fellow aspirants and do some research yourself. It will help you to know about some genuine resources which has already been tested and your research will help you find new ones. Combining both, you can sort your perfect list.
Now that you have study materials, you should make a routine and start your preparation. Now, comes the next step, where we Exams Nepal come into play. You take the Mock Tests. Now, the question is why Exams Nepal when there are so many online platforms. You are right, you should do some research on this as well. Let me tell you something what Exams Nepal gives you.
1. We provide you the Series of Exams. Series has the module of Subject Based Mock test. It is tough exam. You will not score high here since it covers the deep concepts of that yparticular subject. Questions are designed such that, you get the major concept of all the topics of the given subject. we cover entire subjects in a series. Then comes the Past Questions based mock test where we ask you the questions asked in the past exams. We modify some questions, to make it more conceptual, since you must have gobe through those questions. Now there is the final version that is the standard mock test. where we ask you the questions in the given format designed for the Real Exam. As a whole, you get the best practice.
2. We Provide you the Revision Option. We provide you the dedicated solution where you get to know which question you did right and where you did the mistake. The best thing is, you can add that particular question to your revision book. Now you can make your own dedicated revision book, which you can consider the final read out note before the exam. It is up to you how to use it.
3. Revision Test. Once you have 100 questions in your revision book, you can take your own revision test anytime you want and of course free of cost. It will help you look back at your revision.
4. Raise a Doubt Well, you will definately have doubt over questions and their answer and your doubt need not be about the correctness of the question. It can be different case. what if this would have been asked? you can raise a doubt and that will be resolved by our dedicated faculties.
5. Free Web Sprint. Free web sprint is one of the best you want. Read the book and take a short sprint test. Happens two times a day and free of cost. Take a short sprint and make your preparatio more scientific. Sprint is not only on your dashboard. You get to face the daily viber sprint in Viber group as well.
6. Search your Question. Google does nont have MCQs search feature, We do have it. Go to study room in our website, search for the keyword or topic. You will get numerous questions related to that keyword or topic. We add questions daily.

Exams Nepal is always adding new features. The question is, is taking mock test sufficient? Have you asked yourself, what else do you get when you take the mock test? The Best platform for Entrance preparation in Nepal provides you with not only the mock test, but all you need to prepare for the exam in best possible way. Think about it. Do some research and analyse yourself. Who gives you the complete resources you need.

Prepare for your exam with us and get the most of your time because it is the most important thing you have now, if you are investing it, invest in the platform which is not only your examiner but your commpanion as well.